a Sluggish

Thyroid Without
The Negative Affects
Of Medication

Boost your energy, slim down,
and banish brain fog ...

Dear Friend

It’s no secret that a silent thyroid
epidemic is sweeping the nation…

What’s worse: conventional treatments FAIL to
address the root cause.

The reason why is
explained in detail below

But the good news?

After helping my patients get over their thyroid issues, I’m here to tell you there’s still hope.

Because if you or a loved one is suffering with
or any other thyroid problem…

I have the secret to REVERSING symptoms
and restoring your health and vitality…

Naturally and without
turning your life upside down.

So please…


because the days of
being fat, foggy, and fatigued are OVER

And listen: I get it.

It’s easy to overlook thyroid symptoms and feel stuck with lifelong fatigue and weight gain,

Especially if doctors and family tell you “you’re fine” and “and it’s all in your head.”

But the second you fit the puzzle pieces together like I’ll show you now…

You’ll realize thyroid problems are a WARNING sign the body is struggling and out of balance.

In other words, the uncomfortable fat gain no matter how “healthy” you eat…

Fatigue despite multiple coffees…
Brain fog…
Mood swings…
Even out-of-whack digestion…


is connected

and I’m going to share
my system to
shortcut the healing process.

See: while thyroid issue are the result of years of poor
diet…off-the-charts stress…lack of exercise…
chronic inflammation…
That doesn’t mean it take years to fix.
Not even close.

I’m so excited to announce

that I’ve finally created

Definitive Blueprint

to reset a sluggish thyroid…
Even if you’re 30, 40, 50, and beyond… even if you’ve
suffered for decades… and even if you think
the thyroid is “beyond repair”…


The Thyroid Health


If you’ve ever wanted a simple,
straightforward system to treat thyroid issues once and for all…

This is it.

A 6 Week Program

Teaching You How to Design A Personalized Plan For Thyroid Health That Addresses the Root Cause
(Without The Negative Effects of Medication).

It’s the ultimate blueprint to
overcoming the worst thyroid issues.

Inside this program you’ll receive the secrets to treating underlying issues…information your doctor isn’t telling you about your thyroid.

It’s taught over 6 weeks and
here’s an example of what you’ll learn:

  • How the thyroid works and why it’s so essential to your health…
  • Why the standard blood test are inadequate…
  • How to identify and address the underlying causes of thyroid disease…
  • The key role gut health, toxins, infections, and stress in hypothyroidism…
  • How to support a healthy thyroid: removing problem foods, balancing blood sugar, upgrading digestion, cooling inflammation, and controlling stress…


that’s just scratching the surface
of what you’ll get.

Oh…And by the way…

Hi my name is
Dr. Lisa Lewis

I’m a leading Naturopathic / Functional Medicine doctor, Acupuncturist, and Hormone Health Expert.

I help professional woman over 40 who are suffering with complex and unresolved thyroid symptoms naturally balance their hormones.

I use this very system in my practice and I’ve helped thousands of women balance their hormones, reduce their stress, and improve their quality of life.

Here’s the gist of why I’m so effective:

America’s silent epidemic

A little bit of physiology.

The thyroid gland id located in the middle of the lower neck.

Although relatively small, it produces very powerful thyroid hormones that influence every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

They control your metabolism… production and regulation of sex hormones… adrenal hormones… body temperature… growth hormones… heart rate… and every other thing that keeps your body functioning.

That’s why so many things stop working properly when the thyroid isn’t firing on all cylinders…

Because if thyroid hormones can’t get converted INSIDE your cells to its “active” form…

You’re going to struggle with fatigue, weight gain and low vitality.

We’ll fix that with the Thyroid Health Blueprint

Did you know

that according to

The American Thyroid Association:

Those are some pretty startling statistics

Signs of a Sluggish Thyroid

do you exercise and eat right
yet still can’t lose any weight
without gaining it back right away?

Now, there are hundreds of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. That’s why it’s so hard for many doctors to accurately diagnose… Because rather than consider the sum of all your symptoms… They rely on blood tests that are outside the normal range for conclusions. But when thyroid hormone levels are out of balance – even a tiny bit — it impacts your ENTIRE body.

This occurs even if your lab test are within the normal range…

when your cells can’t get enough active “ T3 thyroid hormone… your body can’t carry out its normal functions and you’ll fail to thrive and feel your best.

That’s what the Thyroid Health Blueprint helps correct.

And uncovers the underlying issues causing thyroid symptoms,
weight gain, fatigue, and everything in between.

(Even if your blood tests say you’re “fine”.)

So, if you’re ready to take your health back…

I’d like you to

Join me in my

Thyroid Health
Blueprint program

Here’s what you’ll get inside the program:

6 Week Online Training

Audios, Videos, and PDFs of slides

$1,997 VALUE

  • Week 1 – Introduction - Thyroid Physiology, Assessments and Labs
  • Week 2 – Food Is Medicine - Thyroid, Metabolism and Your Blood Sugar
  • Week 3 – Taming Inflammation - Thyroid and Your Gut/GI
  • Week 4 – Stop Stressing Your Thyroid Out – Thyroid and Your Adrenals
  • Week 5 – Protecting Your Thyroid From Harm – Thyroid, Toxins and Your Liver
  • Week 6 – Cultivating a Healthy Thyroid Lifestyle – The PRIMERS

6 Weekly LIVE Group Q&A
and Accountability Calls

$3,000 VALUE

Private, Interactive Facebook Group:

For accountability and support

$397 VALUE

Plus, for a limited special offer the Thyroid Health Blueprint program also comes with 4 FREE bonuses – the Thyroid Rapid Recovery Package

Bonus #1: Weekly Meal Plan, Recipes, and Shopping Cheat-Sheets ($497 value)
It can be a bit overwhelming planning out what recipes to cook and what groceries to buy. So, each week is planned out for you to make your thyroid balancing diet a no-brainer.

Bonus #2: Thyroid Health Action and Accountability Workbook and Journal ($27 Value)
There’s nothing better to keep you on track than accountability, step-by-step actions, and a journal to track your progress. You’ll use this tool well after the program is complete.

Bonus #3: Thyroid Health Herbs, Nutrients, and Supplements Guide, ($47 Value)
Most people aren’t aware how important the right foods, minerals, and nutrients are for thyroid health. As, how the wrong ones can undo all your hard work. You won’t have to worry about any of that with this comprehensive guide.

Bonus #4: 40 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Toxins ($47 Value)
With the world being such a toxic place, it’s imperative that you protect your thyroid because it’s highly sensitive to toxic overload.

Together, these 4 bonuses and the Thyroid Health Blueprint are valued at $6,012

but today, there’s a very limited special offer for ONLY $497

And you can take advantage of this entire package knowing it’s backed by my
Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here’s the deal.

I’m so confident you’ll turn your symptoms of thyroid dysfunction around – that if you implement the strategies inside the program…I’m mean really do the work…

and your thyroid labs or symptoms don’t improve, just contact my team…

and I’ll continue working with you for an additional month or more to dial in your action plan so you can experience faster results.

In just 6 weeks, working directly with me, you can start to reclaim your life and everything that comes with it…

the energy, the vitality, health, beauty…

You deserve that much, don’t you?
I think you do.

I think you deserve to have your life back.
And I think you deserve to wake up feeling 100% rejuvenated, ready to tackle your day with a new pep in your step.

It’s exactly why I’ve created the Thyroid Health Blueprint for you.
To give you every resource, piece of information,
and secret to getting your life back.

It’s easy. It’s quick. And you deserve it.

Click the button below now and let’s get started together with

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